we are shift 110

We want to shift the way people think about health and fitness. Our mission is to influence others to make the shift to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. We inspire others through our example, our environment to take action, create effective habits, and provide the tools and practices to sustain long term in their lifestyle. We find through our platform by shifting someone’s health through fitness, nutrition, and their mindset – it is a direct correlation to someone living a happier, healthier, more optimal life. We do this through our shift studios Shift 110, and our food company Food Shift.


Bringing Truth to the Fitness Industry

There is A LOT of shit out there. I feel everywhere we turn, a fresh new boot camp concept promoting a 1000 calorie burn, high intensity cardio-based workout are popping up at every corner. Everywhere you scroll another program is being sold to you from someone who has never worked with a client before, a quick fix diet that claims to be the next miracle drug to your happiness, and a new supplement that will give you washboard abs (I hope you aren’t reading this with a wrap around your waist and a herbal life shake in hand).

The health and fitness industry needs rebalancing in the force. We wanted to create something that brought value by bringing transparency back to the fitness industry. We also give a shift. We aren’t a gym or class that doesn’t matter if you show or not. We aren’t a big box gym with inexperienced trainers (we know them, we were them once), or a jungle of confusing exercise equipment you don’t know how to use. We won’t lose you in a crowd of sweaty camper moms with shitty form doing burpees for brunch.

we are shiftin’ the fitness industry

We don’t just talk shift – we back it up. We can guarantee when you walk into our shift studio that we will provide you with the tools to make a shift in your life. Our trainers are backed with 12 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and have been working with thousands of clients who we have helped transform their lives.  

Make shift happen


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